Work Placements

The Trainees who attend The Hamlet often refer to The Hamlet as their place of work. The Hamlet provides so many work-related opportunities on site as well as Independent living skill opportunities.

At The Hamlet we are passionate about supporting the Trainees aspirations. ‘If’ and ‘when’ the Trainees themselves, along with their parents and staff feel that they are ready for the next step on their journey and are ready for ‘The World of Work’ we will support the trainees in finding an appropriate work placement in the wider community.

Please note – Not all our Trainees want to or will attend external work placement

There are 3 pathways for employability and work placements at The Hamlet

· The Hamlet has its own work placement links in the community

· The Hamlet can refer a Trainee to Wigan Councils Supporting Skills and Futures Team for Supported Employment

· The Hamlet can refer a Trainee to the Community Unity Programme run through Wigan Councils Supporting Skills and Futures Team

The Hamlets passion is to support Trainees to undertake meaningful work placements which are linked to their destination goals. We will support our Trainees and help them to teach them what real life working environment is like.

If you or the company you work for would be interested in providing a work placement for one of our Hamlet Trainees please do get in contact with us, we would be so grateful that you share our same passion that… “Our Trainees may have a disability but all of our Trainees have an ability to give something back to their local community”.