Journey to Employment

We are very lucky at The Hamlet to be working in partnership with the Supported Employment Team within Wigan Council to develop our own personalised journey to employment for our Trainees.
The Hamlet is a stepping stone for developing the skills to secure and hold down a job role whether that be voluntary, supported or independent employment.

We firstly look at the young people’s interest, talents, and hobbies, then look at work placement opportunities that match their criteria. Once the placement has been established the job coach then tailors the support depending on the individual. We assess the placement on a regular basis to see if the young person is achieving the set outcomes. We look to support the trainees in gaining employment of some degree when the time is right and all parties involved believe that it is the next step to success.

This is a very exciting time for The Hamlet to watch our first young people enter the real world of employment.


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