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In continuing to build on the unique and outstanding provision that Hope School and College prides itself on, The Hamlet will run work based programmes/businesses ensuring very individual programmes of support and training from a well-trained, experienced, dedicated and motivational staff team through ‘real-life’ employment and business opportunities and day to day experiences within a community based environment.


The Hamlet is a new innovative approach to the provision of social care for young adults with additional needs that offers its trainees a 6 year programme in a supportive work related environment to develop skills linked with a range of different vocations. It will also be integral in integrating young people within their local area, supporting them to work, develop and progress both within and as part of the wider community


In response to both student and parental concerns we are piloting a 19 -25 pathway in which we can train students and equip them with the relevant skills and confidence for future employment.In evaluating past transition routes for our students Post 19 we have highlighted that there has been limited success for students to extend and build on work experiences in the context of an actual working environment where they can develop their skills and grow in confidence and independence  within a supportive programme.

Long Term Goal

In developing a range of small businesses our aim is to embrace and offer the community an enhanced and socially friendly offer whilst also providing a unique opportunity in which young adults can experience and train in skills equipping them for life.

Trainees to continue their journey into adult hood with focus and confidence.



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